Our Story

15 years ago, as students of computer science, we had the vision that e-learning should be more than just clicking from one slide to the next. In cooperation with international companies, we looked for more sustainable and thrilling ways to impart knowledge to employees. We created an award-winning 3D city with virtual locations, in which we placed educational contents just like in real life.

Kathrin Prantner & Christian Molterer

Managing directors and company founders

Kathrin Prantner (CEO & Co-Founder)

Kathrin Prantner graduated with a degree in computer science from the University of Innsbruck. Kathrin has presented her expert knowledge at numerous conferences and events, and is co-author of the book Security awareness – Neue Wege zur erfolgreichen Mitarbeiter-Sensibilisierung (“Security awareness – new ways to successful employee awareness”). Since 2005, she has directed E-SEC GmbH operations in the areas of sales, key accounting, customer service and project management.

Christian Molterer (CTO & Co-Founder)

Christian Molterer also studied computer science at the University of Innsbruck. Christian has many years of experience in managing and developing successful and technologically high-quality software projects. Since 2005 he has been CTO of E-SEC GmbH and looks after technology, product design and finance.