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Data Protection Austria

The technological advances of automatic data processing pose additional challenges to the protection of personal data. All too easily, the fundamental rights of a person can be violated, both intentionally or unintentionally. For this reason, clear legal provisions have been created to protect personal data, namely the EU Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) and the Austrian data protection act (DSG 2018). This training familiarizes your employees with the essentials regarding these legal regulations, such as the right of access, the right to erasure and the marketplace principle. With a number of interactive examples, this training helps your employees put their knowledge into practice and memorize what they have learned. This WBT is especially aimed at companies in Austria as it includes not only EU-wide regulations but also provisions specific to Austrian law (e.g. image processing). For companies outside of Austria or companies located in several countries, we recommend the e-learning course “The EU General Data Protection Regulation”.

Duration 30 min
Author E-SEC GmbH
Publication Date 2/28/2022, 10:25:04 AM
Editable Yes
Languages DE, EN

Translations into other languages can be ordered or done by yourself.

Table of Contents
  • Legal Basics
  • The Marketplace Principle
  • Important Parties in Data Protection
  • Principles Relating to the Processing of Personal Data
  • Data Transmission to Countries Outside the EU
  • Processing of Images
  • Personal Data
  • Special Categories of Personal Data
  • Rights of the Data Subject and Duties of the Controller
  • Right to Compensation and Fines
  • How to Handle Data: What if Something Goes Wrong?
  • How to Handle Customer Requests
  • Tips for Dealing with Personal Data
  • Quiz

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