E-Learning Course

Staying focused at work

With its entertaining, interactive story, this 3D training shows how to best keep your focus at work. In various scenes from protagonist Chloe’s day at work, course participants get to know the most common disruptive factors and receive valuable tips on how to avoid distractions and work more productively.

Duration 10 min
Author E-SEC GmbH
Publication Date 5/15/2023, 12:56:10 PM
Editable Yes
Languages DE, EN

Translations into other languages can be ordered or done by yourself.

Table of Contents
  • Intro
  • Preparing your workplace
  • Ben needs help
  • A little troublemaker
  • Constant accessibility
  • Targeted e-mail editing
  • Chat messages as a disruptive factor
  • Ability to focus - personal factors
  • Multitasking myth
  • Preventing interruptions
  • How long can you stay focused?
  • Outro
  • Quiz

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