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Enhance your services with our unique e-learning courses. Editable with our authoring software. Learning platform and SCORM download included.

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A unique offer

Create a unique training offer for your customers. Our learning modules will inspire your customers and are often the door opener for your entire offering.

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Ways to partner with E-SEC E-Learning

Our partners range from global consulting firms, international course marketplaces and solution providers to small companies and start-ups. We are proud to work successfully with our many different partners.

Technology Partners
50% commission
Integrate our courses into your LMS or learning platform.
Solution Partners
30% commission
Offer your customers a complete solution with accompanying support.
Content Partners
20% commission
Work with us to design new, high-quality courses and make them available to your customers. You have the technical expertise, we have the didactic know-how and the implementation capacities.
Recommendation Partners
10% commission
Recommend us to qualified leads in your network.
x% commission
Individual partnership.

Join our 70+ partners growing their business with E-SEC E-Learning

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"We have been working with E-SEC for years in the e-learning area for information security and data protection. Very pleasant cooperation and cool implementation of current course content. E-SEC is always ready to respond to customer requests and implement them promptly. I can highly recommend E-SEC!"

Reinhold Z.
Reinhold Z.
Infoguard AG
[email protected]

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E-SEC E-Learning offers interactive 3D animated e-learning courses with engaging teaching methods for your team. Courses can be downloaded (SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 or Remote SCORM for LMS integration) or accessed as online trainings on the E-SEC learning platform. You can edit all content using the E-SEC authoring software.

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