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PSD 2 - Payment Services Directive

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The EU's Second Payment Services Directive (PSD 2) is intended to increase competition in payment transactions but also improve consumer protection. To achieve this, the directive regulates the rights and obligations of payment service providers and users, as well as of account-holding service providers such as banks. This training uses numerous examples and interactive content to teach your employees the key points of the directive and provides an overview of the most important legal foundations, such as the Austrian Payment Services Act 2018 (ZaDiG 2018) and the German Act Implementing the Second Payment Services Directive.

v1.15 (May 06, 2024)

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Target group:
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General information, Directive, Legal basis, Actors, Payment service users, Obligations, Liability, Authentication, Payment service providers, Obligations, Liability, Charges, Payment initiation service provider, Account information service provider, Account servicing payment service provider, Framework contracts, Data protection
  • General information
  • What is the PSD 2 directive?
  • Legal basis
  • Regulated by the PSD 2 - Directive
  • Actors
  • Payment service users
  • Obligations
  • Liability
  • Authentication
  • Payment Service Provider
  • Obligations
  • Liability
  • Charges
  • Payment initiation service provider
  • Account information service provider
  • Account servicing payment service provider
  • Framework contracts
  • Data Protection
  • Quiz
Version history:
v1.15, May 06, 2024

Engine update and performance improvements.

v1.14, Mar 06, 2024

SCORM 2004 support added

v1.13, Dec 06, 2023
v1.12, Oct 16, 2023
v1.11, Feb 25, 2022
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