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AI-generated works - Legal gray areas

When new, novel, and disruptive technologies enter the market legal ambiguity and gray areas are sure to arise. Are works generated by artificial intelligence (AI) subject to copyright? Are artificially generated portraits still personal data? Can personal rights be violated by utilizing AI? In this course you will find some explanations and tips on how to avoid unintentionally stumbling into legal hot water.

Duration 7 min
Author E-SEC GmbH
Publication Date 7/19/2023, 11:17:28 AM
Editable Yes
Languages DE, EN

Translations into other languages can be ordered or done by yourself.

Table of Contents
  • Start
  • AI and legal infringements
  • AI and copyright
  • Fake pictures of real people: Damage to reputation and privacy
  • Closing remarks
  • Bonus content
  • Handout

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