E-Learning Course

Office Ergonomics

Having proper and effective design in working environments is becoming increasingly important as we spend more time in offices, at desks, and in front of computers. This course will give you an insight into the basics of ergonomics by exploring the optimal arrangement of equipment, discussing how to promote health and productivity, and more.

Duration 15 min
Author E-SEC
Publication Date 12/6/2023, 2:50:28 PM
Editable Yes
Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Sitting correctly
  • Chapter 2: Changing positions
  • Chapter 3: Mouse and keyboard
  • Chapter 4: Lighting
  • Chapter 5: Temperature and air quality
  • Chapter 6: Room and table size
  • Chapter 7: Noise
  • Chapter 8: Lift and carry
  • Quiz

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