E-SEC Partner Conditions

Prices and Licenses


For each end user (named user), one license per course is required. This user can repeat the course as often as desired.

Volume Discounts

You can find all the details regarding volume discounts in our applicable price list.

Payment Conditions

You can pay for licenses via invoice with a 14-day payment target or via credit card.

Partner Discount

As a registered partner, you will receive a 25% discount on the list prices of our standard courses and a 15% discount on our service offers.

List Prices

The applicable list prices for courses can be found in the current price list in different currencies. We will inform you of new prices at least 2 months in advance via e-mail.


White Label

We make sure that our courses do not contain any brand names or symbols.

Protect Your Leads

Create accounts for your customers and connect them to your partner account. In this way, you can assign the customers exclusively to yourself.

Test Licenses

You will receive an unlimited test license for all courses, the authoring tool and the LMS. Test licenses are branded with a subtle watermark. In order to make individual adaptations to courses, you are required to purchase an authoring license.

Marketing Support

We are happy to support you with marketing materials (also unbranded), online presentations or in customer appointments if desired.

Anonymous Customers

For the invoices for your licenses, you do not have to tell us your customers’ names. You can also create anonymized customer accounts.

Additional Offers

We are happy to assist you in calculations, additional chargeable offers such as dubbing, translation and textual adaptation or course roll-outs.


Partnership Costs

Partnerships are free.


In order to be entitled to our partner services, you have to register as a partner.


There is no exclusivity. You do not have to take into account any restrictions (e.g. business field or region).

Partner Duties

Please ensure proper invoicing for course licenses. If you have any questions regarding invoicing, please get in touch with us.

Partnership Duration

The partnership can be terminated at any time by both parties without stating any reasons. If you want to cancel your partnership, you can just delete your partner account.

Partner Contract

As a partner, you accept our partner conditions. An additional contract is not necessary. If you do require a signed partner contract, that is possible as well. In this case, please just get in touch with us.

Data Protection

You can find the details regarding data protection in our Privacy Policy or request an agreement regarding order data processing according to article 28 GDPR.

Partner Registration

You are looking for exciting e-learning courses for your customers? Sign up and expand your portfolio! We look forward to working with you!

Register for free

When you sign up, you agree to the Partner Conditions and Terms of Service of E-SEC ISS GmbH.

Downloads and Materials for Partners

3D Course Catalogue

You want to send a 3D course catalogue to your customers too? Just send an e-mail with the desired number of catalogues and the delivery address to sales@e-sec.com. We will send you the catalogues free of charge.

3D Course Presentation for Your Customers

You can present the courses to your customers online via www.e-sec.com/kurse or send them this link or the link for the respective course. You can try out all our courses for free and without signing up on our website.

You are outside the office or at a customer appointment and do not have access to the internet? Just download these videos to your laptop and play the movie (no interactivity, sound only in dialogues).

Sales Support

The E-SEC team is happy to support registered partners during the sales process if required:

  • Preparing for an appointment (briefing, presentation slides, product explanation, ...)
  • Presenting products online to you and your customer (e.g. WebEx)
  • Planning marketing campaigns
  • Creating or checking offers and invoices
  • Small text adaptations for course orders
  • Planning and implementing individualized 3D courses
  • Technical advice and information
  • etc.

Lead Protection and Application of Your Partner Margin

Usually, registered partners place orders for their customers. In this way, the 25% margin is effective immediately.

If partners have recommended us, we ask them to let us know shortly before or after their customer places an order.